The Mask of Zorro by Grzegorz Domaradzki

24” X 36” 6 color screen prints, numbered regular edition of 225, variant edition of 175 and a Kickstarter Exclusive edition. 

Dzxtinkt Originals have launched a great new Kickstarter to produce a set of officially licensed alternative movie posters for Martin Campbell’s 1998 classic film, The Mask of Zorro. The posters are available individually or as a set.

The Kickstarter project runs for 22 days and If successfully funded, it will become the first officially licensed art poster to be crowdfunded on kickstarter. Further info and purchase options HERE

#americanodyssey #validated #officialselection #worldpremiere @sohofilmfest #soho5

#americanodyssey #validated #officialselection #worldpremiere @sohofilmfest #soho5

Need to Project in a Digital Theater? Make a Digital Cinema Package for Cheap with OpenDCP « No Film School

The dream of any independent filmmaker is to one day project their film in pristine detail on the big screen. For many, this means hooking up an HD projector to a laptop and projecting on a less-than-optimal screen with less-than-optimal audio. If you are fortunate enough to have the money to rent out a real theater or you have access to one, there’s a good chance that theater is going to be using a digital projector that takes a DCP (or Digital Cinema Package). Unfortunately, they are not cheap to make — but if you’re willing to go the DIY route, there is now open source software called OpenDCP that will allow you to make cinema quality DCPs. Filmmaker Danny Lacey has a very thorough walk-through of the process in the video below.

Pockets from DANIELS on Vimeo.

Random Act #73
Part of the Channel 4 Random Acts series.

Music by The Abassi Brothers

Produced by Dazed Digital (dazeddigital.com/)
& Prettybird US

Producer Jonathan Wang
EP Ali Brown
Editorial & VFX - Zak Stoltz
DP Larkin Seiple
AC Jon Dec
Production Design Jason Kisvarday and Kelsi Ephraim
Sound Matt Brodnick

Starring Billy Chew, Joyce Kim, and Daniel Scheincooler